Born Again Churches In Masaka Face Closure Over Excessive Noise During Prayers

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Born Again churches in Masaka municipality risk being closed if they don’t stop what municipal authorities call excessive noise during prayers.
The municipal council authorities have already stormed ‘Masaka Prayer Palace’ a born again church located on Elgin Road in the centre of Masaka town and stopped Christians from making noise at night.
The owner of the church, Pastor Kasaddu was fined 50,000shillings for allowing his followers to make noise during prayers on a daily basis.
Pastor Kasaddu says that action by the municipal council was against their right to worship and it was not proper for municipal enforcement team to lock up his followers inside the church.
The town clerk, Benon Baryantuma says the owners of Born Again churches have failed to set rules on how to run their churches without inconveniencing other residents in Masaka town.
He says the municipal council has given several warnings to owners of these churches and advised them to put soundproof gargets in the church premises but they just kept a deaf ear.
He says born again church followers make a lot of noise especially at night and other people cannot sleep because of the inconvenience caused by unnecessary shouting.
There are over 20 born again churches in Masaka municipality and authorities say they have received complaints from residents accusing church-goers of shouting during prayers.
Baryantuma also warns owners of discotheques and video halls to stop making noise for people living around the areas where those halls are located.
The Constitution of Uganda under Article 29 (1c) guarantees freedom of an individual to practice any religion of their choice. But the Environment Protection Regulation 2005 puts limits on how loud an individual or group of people can be to avoid disturbing other people. 


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