Biraaro Accuses Media Of Biased Coverage

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In short
The Farmers Party presidential flag bearer says the media is not giving him enough coverage, like other presidential candidates.

Presidential candidate, Rtd Maj Gen Benon Biraaro accuses the media of giving him less coverage compared to his other opponents in the race.

Addressing supporters at the Iganga Freedom Square on Thursday, Biraaro claims most of his opponents are given more airtime on television and radio stations compared to him.

"I am always given very short time, yet my opponents are given more time which is depicting a bad picture of me to the public," Biraaro alleged.

According to Biraaro, he pulls crowds at his rallies but he is surprised that nothing is shown on television stations.

"You only see crowds of my political opponents and in most cases, they only mention that I was at a rally without showing my supporters," Biraaro adds.

Without mentioning names or media houses, Biraaro accused some journalists of being corrupted by some politicians to show bigger crowds of their rallies.

"I know there are some people behind all this, because at first they thought I was joking. But they have now come to realize that I am very serious," the Farmers Party presidential candidate said.

Biraaro promised to introduce a compulsory patriotism course at all institutions of learning, to ensure children grow up loving their country.

"Corruption starts from childhood and if this is not addressed, the country is heading to a very big disaster," he said.

He promised to ensure that every district country wide has a cash crop for export as a way of improving the household incomes of the population.