Babies Reduced To One Meal By Budget Cuts At Tooro Babies Home

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Funding to Tooro Babies Home was reduced from shs 9million to shs 4million per month.

Donors have cut funding to Tooro Babies Home, a major child care home in the Ruwenzori region.

The home was founded in 1970 by the late Bishop Yonasani Rwakaikara, of the greater Ruwenzori diocese. The home looks after children who have been abandoned by their parents, HIV/AIDS children and children with special needs.

Tooro Babies Home, with a population of 50 children has been receiving shs 9m per month from donors in UK and German, but last month, the funding was reduced to 4 million shillings, which has affected the operations of the home.

The money was used to purchase food for the children, buy clothes, pay utilities and salaries of the staff.

Christine Mugasa, the matron of the home, says that she was surprised the funds were cut and yet they weren’t told why. 

Mugasa says that following the budget cuts, the children at the home now eat one meal a day.

She also says that the children don’t have clothes and they have failed to pay salary of the staff and utilities amounting to shs 6.5 million.

According to Mugasa, they have requested members of the public to adopt the children, but there isn’t response, which she attributes to lack of knowledge about the culture of adoption.

//Cue in: “all our support is from donors…
Cue out: “reduce to a tune of four million.”//

Mugasa however says that in a bid to raise funds for the home, the home is constructing houses for rent, which will help supplement the income of the home. She also says that at times, the home fails to raise funds to take sick children to health facilities.

She says that board committee has often requested for funding from the district and NGOs operating in the region, but in vain.

Rev. Shem Rubaale, the chairman of the board home says that since the home takes care of abandoned children from the Ruwenzori region, all districts in the region should contribute funds for the home.

Rubaale says that the only time they expect gifts and money is during the Christmas season, when visitors donate to the home.

David Balisanga, the senior community development officer Kabarole, says that a proposal has been written to the Chief Administrative Officer requesting for funds to be allocated to Tooro Babies Home in the next financial year.

Some child care homes in Kabarole district have in the past closed because of lack of funds.


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