Arua Health Center Closed Over Water Crisis

1789 Views Arua, Uganda
Health services in Rigbo Sub County in Arua have grounded to a halt following the closure of Ewanga Health Center II. Authorities in Rigbo sub county closed Ewanga health center last week because of the water crisis in the area. The health officials claim that they can not operate the Health Center without a reliable water source for patients and medical workers. Ewanga health center II has been serving people from Yumbe, Arua and Moyo districts. George Dricile, the LC 3 chairperson of Rigbo Sub County says that his electorate have no where to turn for treatment. He blames Arua district authorities of failing to extend water services to the health center leading to its closure. Dricile says that the nearest water source is ten Kilo meters away. Joseph Odoro, the in charge of Ewanga health center says that they had no option but to close the health center because of poor sanitation. Ewanga says that they will not open the health center until water is extended to the area. Dr. Patrick Anguzu, Arua district health officer says that the health workers took a drastic decision to close the health center. Anguzu says that his office has been working with the district to extend water services to the health center. Julius Nyerere, who stays next to Ewanga Health Center, says that several patients have been coming for treatment only to find the health center closed.