Archbishop Ntagali Welcomes Passing Of Anti-Homosexuality Bill

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The Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Stanly Ntagali has welcomed the passing of the Anti –Homosexuality Bill, 2009 saying it was long overdue.

The Archbishop of Church of Uganda, Stanly Ntagali has welcomed the passing of the Anti –Homosexuality Bill, 2009 saying it was long overdue.
Archbishop Ntagali today noted that as Church of Uganda they have been waiting like all Ugandans to see how Parliament handles the issue of homosexuality so that children are protected. At a press briefing at his residence in Namirembe, Ntagali congratulated the 9th Parliament saying that the Church is happy because homosexuality is not Uganda’s culture.
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Cue out:…will be happy.”//
Earlier today Parliament chaired by Speaker Rebecca Kadaga passed the Anti-Homosexuality Bill, 2009 after four years of debate. Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi tried in vain to have the bill deferred arguing that more time and consultations were needed on the matter.
Ntagali, just like his predecessor Henry Luke Orombi, noted that the Church of Uganda does not support homosexuality despite the fact that the Church of England which is the mother church embraced the practice. He said that the Church of Uganda cannot and will not go in that direction and that they will resist that together with the members of Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) brothers and sisters. GAFCON membership is largely from Africa, Asia and Latin America, and brings together church leaders opposed to sanctifying of gay marriages and ordination of gay priests.
Archbishop Ntagali noted that the church is concerned that their mother Church of England is moving in what he called a dangerous direction and that they are following a path the Americans in the Episcopal Church took that caused them to break communion with them ten years ago. The rift started in 2003 when the Diocese of New Hampshire in the USA ordained as bishop, the Reverend Gene Robinson, an openly gay priest.
However, Ntagali said that they will stand with those in the Church of England who continue to uphold the Bible as the word of God and promote Biblical faith and morality.
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Cue out:…not to enter.”//
One of the aims of the now passed anti-homosexuality bill is providing a comprehensive and enhanced legislation to protect the cherished culture of the people of Uganda, legal, religious and traditional family values of the people of Uganda.


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