Amuru Land Suspects Denied Bail

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In short
Amuru Grade one Magistrate, Edward Okot has denied the bail application of 34 suspects in the Amuru-Adjumani row. Court says sureties presented conflicting documents.

Amuru Grade one Magistrate Edward Okot has rejected the bail application of 34 suspects of the Amuru-Adjumani boundary demarcation row.
The application was rejected on grounds that the suspects' sureties provided conflicting documents.
Court found that the documents provided by the suspects' sureties conflicted court documents, especially in regards to the places of residences. Among the documents, the sureties presented LC I recommendation letters from Amuru district, yet they hold National IDs showing they are Gulu residents.

Okot however granted bail to one of the suspects, a 17 year old, on grounds that he was a juvenile. He said according to section 91 of the Children's Act, a juvenile can be granted bail whether he has a surety or not.

The magistrate advised that the accused persons to produce other sureties for their bail application.
The case was the adjourned till 26th October when the hearing of the bail application will take place.

The suspects were arrested in September and later remanded by Gulu Grade one Magistrate, Paul Owino, on charges of unlawful assembly and destruction of government properties. Prosecution says the suspects were protesting the erection of mark stones by government surveyors on the disputed land.