Agago Residents Overwhelmingly Reject Age Limit Amendment

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Findings by area MP Morris Ogenga Latigo indicate that 5, 899, out of the 5, 947 constituents reached, were against the proposed amendment. Only 48 persons voted in favour of the amendment.

Voters in Agago North County in Pader district have overwhelmingly voted against a proposal to lift the presidential age limit, provided for in the Constitution. This is according to a record from consultations conducted by the area MP Prof. Morris Ogenga Latigo.

The consultation, which covered ten trading centres in the six sub-counties, was conducted between October 27 and 31, covering the areas of Wol, Kalongo, Lapono, Paimol, Kalongo Town and Omiya Pacwa.

His findings indicate that 5, 899, out of the 5, 947 constituents reached, were against the proposed amendment. Only 48 persons voted in favour of the amendment.

Most of those in support were in Kasisiro Town council, Omiya Pacwa Sub County where up to 30 people voted for lifting the age limit, while 347 people voted against the lifting.

According to Latigo, his consultative meetings were conducted without any symbol of support or opposition to the bill, but through an extensive explanation of the implication of the amendment. Voting in all areas was done by a show of hands, while a selected few were told to give their reasons for supporting or rejecting the bill.

Latigo says the results show that MPs should actually carry out consultations and not assume that their people don't support the lifting or support the lifting.
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Asked about the 29 million shillings given to MPs to consult on age limit, Latigo says he used the money for allowances while some money went to the parishes, but also erecting tents and facilities required for the meeting.

He says that although individual members have rights to use the money for consultation, it's appropriate for those who did their consultations earlier and those who are not consulting to return the money to the Parliamentary Commission.
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MPs are currently consulting on the proposed constitutional amendment to scrap article 102 (b) from the constitution. The article puts a cap at the presidential age limit at 75.


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