6,000 IDPs Return Home in Gulu

1126 Views Gulu, Uganda
About 6,000 Internally Displaced Persons in Gulu district have returned to their homes under the government-led voluntary resettlement program. Gulu district disaster management committee chairman, Charles Omar, says that as of June 14th, an additional 68,000 IDP's were in transit to the decongestion camps, located along the routes to their home villages. Umar says 59 new satellite camps have been set up to accommodate the returnees who are willing to move out of the original camps. Omar however says that the resettlement of the IDP's has been dogged by fears of insecurity. //Cue in: iVoluntary return was declared in Gulu# Cue out: i#towards home at transit camps.i// About 1.6 million people were forced out of their homes into camps across the north and eastern Uganda at the height of the LRA rebel insurgency. Statistics show that Gulu district has the highest number of IDPs, estimated at 503,400.


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