50-year-old-Woman Caned for Witchcraft Top story

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A 50-year -old woman in Amagoro central zone Malaba town council was on Wednesday, October 16, subjected to 24 strokes of the canes after the LC1 court found her guilty of bewitching her 25 year old sister in- law.
Margaret Apio, a house wife, was caned in public after she confessed bewitching her sister in-law Victoria Achola making her barren for the last five years.
Apio is the wife of Alfred Omukanga of Amagoro ‘B” zone Malaba town council.
"Evidence" of Apio's powers first came to light during the burial of her father in law Kasimiri Orokodo on that Monday that week. She reportedly demanded that Achola bow down before her or she would fail to conceive a child in her marriage.
Achola first got married to Apio’s brother in Raraki village, Molo Sub County, in 2008 before divorcing and getting married to James Owori in Katerema Rubongi Sub County, Budama South in 2009.
However, Achola failed to produce any children in the marriage and her husband repeatedly beat her for being childless.
During an LC 1 village meeting, she explained that she had bewitched Achola for abandoning her brother to marry another man.
Apio then accepted to "cleanse" Achola of the spell she had placed on her in addition to being punished for her "witchcraft."


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