23-year-old Woman Escapes Human Sacrifice

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A 23 year old woman in Rakai district has escaped being sacrificed.

A 23 year old woman in Rakai district has escaped being sacrificed.
Prosy Namuli, a resident of Kabuwoko village, Kilumba sub-county, claims she was kidnapped on Monday at around 7:30 pm as she was travelling back home from Bukunda trading centre.
Namuli says that her abductors drove her to a strange place where she was forced to undress before she was dragged to a nearby bush along a road side.
She says her abductors took her near an anthill where she was to be sacrificed but her life was spared when they noticed that she had a scar on her left breast.
Mathias Bukenya, one of the residents, says that Namuli was found disoriented near the roadside by locals who alerted the police of her presence.
Bukenya goes on to say that many people are worried as they had never heard of adults being kidnapped for sacrifical purposes.
Rakai district criminal investigations officer Nabakoza Rose says that police has started investigating the matter.
Ignatius Nuwoha, the Rakia district African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN) Program Officer, describes the incident as worrying.
He says that Rakai is still trying to find ways of bringing down the high rate of violation of children's rights so this is unwelcome news.  He complains that most cases of child sacrifice are often not solved.
Nuwoha cited the case of four year old Annette Nakayondo who was kidnapped and murdered in June 2012. When her remains were discovered at the home of Veronica Eragga, an irate mob lynched her.
Police managed to rescue two of her children Vivian Nakiyimba (17) and her brother Charles Mugerwa who confessed to participating in the sacrificial murder of Nakayondo. However, the siblings were later released under unclear circumstances.
In November, Rakai once again registered another mysterious death of Night Nambali. The 11-year old girl, formerly a resident of Kibutamu Village, Lwankoni sub county, Rakai, was found dead in circumstances that suggested she was a victim of child sacrifice.