20 Youths Arrested in Mbale Security Crackdown

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The operation was in response in increased cases of petty theft in Mbale town as well as muggings and break-ins.

Police in Mbale have arrested more than 20 youths including students who were found gambling
The Thursday operation led by Gerald Twishime, the Mbale District Police Commander, was conducted in the areas of Nkoma, Kikindu market in Namakweke, Namatala and Mbale town.
Diana Nandawula, the Elgon Regional Police spokesperson, said the crackdown followed numerous complaints from the locals about the increasing cases of crimes such as theft as the festive season draws nearer.
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The suspects are being held at Mbale central police station pending scrutiny. Nandawula says the suspects will face a multiplicity of charges from being vagabonds to loitering.  
Nandawula has partly blamed the increasing crime rate in the region on some boda boda riders who she accused of aiding criminals escape.
She says police is now demanding that Mbale municipal council register all the boda boda riders in the town and also set for them gazetted stages for easy identification.
She said currently there are many unregistered boda-boda stages which makes it hard for police to monitor their activities.
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Cue out: …their activities easily.”//
Mutwalibi Zandya, the Mbale Municipality Mayor, claims the authorities had planned to register all boda boda operators. The exercise has been constrained by a lack of funds.
Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA) has just concluded a boda boda registration exercise as one of the means to curb such crime in the city.