ECD Centers Sruggle To Operate In Moroto

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Joseph Aleper, the Moroto Senior Education Officer in charge of ECD learning, says about 15 centers operate under trees.

Early Childhood Development (ECD) centers in Moroto are struggling to operate amid different challenges. Key among the challenges are lack of shelter and sanitary facilities for learners.

There are supposed to be 71 ECD Centers in Moroto to accommodate about 18,000 children between zero to eight years but only 25 centers are operational. 

Majority of the centers are concentrated within the Municipality are other trading centers surrounding Moroto town. 

Joseph Aleper, the Moroto Senior Education Officer in charge of ECD learning, says about 15 centers operate under trees.
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One of the centers visited by URN in Acholi Inn in Rupa Sub County with 30 learners operates in tenants. The center with two caregivers under Building Resources Across Communities [BRAC] organization operates in bits as children often run home to look for food.

By the time of the visit, the caregivers had gone for their pay at the BRAC offices in Moroto town, making it 'a public holiday' for children. Mary Logiel owns the land where the center operates from and Helen Lotuke are parents in the center. 

They told URN that their children enjoy learning but sometimes hunger makes them refuse to go to school.
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Rosemary Alweny, an ECD Specialist working with UN Child agency, UNICEF says there are some efforts attained in ECD although more needs to be done on the attitude of parents. She notes that the bigger challenge so far is absence of food at the centers, which acts as a bait for the children.

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Government of Uganda in partnership with United Nations Children's' Fund [UNICEF] activated an integrated early childhood development engagement with communities in November last year.

The program looks at engaging community members on nurturing and care which encompasses different services like health, water and sanitation, education, nutrition and child protection among others for children aged 0-8 years.

ECD services aim at improving health of children; develop their thinking, language in both social and emotional aspects so as to make them responsible and productive members of the community when they grow up.

The Education Act 2008 recognizes pre-primary education as the first level of education in Uganda. The ECD education sector policy recognizes four programmes; day care centers, home based centers, community centers and Nursery Schools.

However, majority of these centers (about 80%) are in the hands of the private sector, and out of the financial reach of most Ugandans.


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