Road Users Reject Undesize Culverts

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Rukonjo road connects Kekubo in central Division to Katuna road in Northern Division.

Commuters on Rukonjo road in Kabale municipality are up in arms against AMBRECO Company limited for installing undersize culverts on the road. Rukonjo road connects Kekubo in central Division to Katuna road in Northern Division. It is also the main link to various institutions such as Kamukira Health center four, Kabale Trinity college, Kabale Brainstorm High school, Kabale University and African College of Commerce. Last year, Kabale municipality contracted AMRECO Company limited to expand Rukonjo road and upgrade it to first class murrum.

The company was also expected to work on the drainage channel. The work was expected to have been completed by the end of June 2012 but the contractor abandoned it until late in February this year.
Following the resumption of work, AMBRECO Company limited installed undersized culverts in the drainage compared to what is quoted in the Bills of Quantity.  Isaac Mufumbira, a resident of Rwamukundi Cell says that before the project started, they were told by the municipal engineer that contractor would install big culverts which can accommodate large volumes of water.

Mufumbira says that to their surprise the contractor installed small culverts. He wants the municipality to intervene and compel the contractor to remove the small culverts and install the appropriate size as quoted in the contract. Felix Katureebe, a resident of Kekubo accuses the municipal authorities of paying a deaf ear to their concerns. He is worried that unless something is done, rain water may affect the newly rehabilitated road.

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Alex Tumwesigye, the engineer Kabale Municipality says the contractor installed 1.5 millimeters culverts yet the Bills of Quantities provides for those of 2.5 millimeters. Dr. Pius Ruhermurana, the Mayor Kabale Municipality says that he is aware of the complaints from the road users, adding that he has already instructed the contractor to rectify the situation. He says that the Municipality plans to withhold the remaining payment to the contractor until he installs the culverts specified in the Bills of Quantities.

An official from AMBRECO who spoke to URN on condition of anonymity because she is not the official spokesperson said they are financially constrained and plan to negotiate with the municipality to advance them some money to rectify the situation.


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