Twerwaneho Listeners Club Bank Accounts Frozen

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Kwanya declined to reveal the amount of money in contention but says the funds were meant for the operations of the organization.

Police has frozen bank accounts of Twerwaneho Listener’s Club-TLC in Fort Portal following allegations of embezzlement. The two accounts in Centenary Bank were frozen on the orders of Wilson Kwanya, the Ruwenzori Region Police Commander and Richard Mugwisagye, the Ruwenzori region Criminal Investigation Department Officer last week. In a telephone interview, Kwanya confirmed to Uganda Radio Network ordering the closure of the bank accounts citing allegations of embezzlement of the funds by some members.

Kwanya declined to reveal the amount of money in contention but says the funds were meant for the operations of the organization. He says that the accounts will remain frozen until police completes investigations into the matter. Two months ago, Gerald Kankya, the coordinator Twerwaneho Listener-TLC and Simon Amanyiire, the secretary were arrested and detained on allegations of financial impropriety. Their arrest came after some members of the organization filed a case at Fort Portal police station accusing the duo of mismanaging funds worth 300 million shillings.  

In a telephone interview, Kankya told Uganda Radio Network that they weren't informed about the freezing of the accounts not until the cheques that were deposited on the account bounced. He condemned the actions of the police saying they acted illegally. According Ugandan laws, only courts have the powers freeze bank accounts. Kankya states that the freezing their accounts has affected the activities of the organization which include carrying out human rights work through weekly radio programmes.

He says that they have already filed a civil suit at Fort Portal High Court against Kwanya, Mugwisagye and the attorney general. Simon Amanyiire, the secretary of the organization claims that freezing the accounts is related to charges that were brought against him and Kankya for inciting violence and uttering defamatory statements against the First lady Janet Museveni, who is also Minister of Karamonja affairs and the first son Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba.  

It is alleged that while on Hits FM and Better FM radio stations, Kankya and Amanyiire incited the people of Ntoroko district to rise up against Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba and chase him out of Tooro Semuliki game reserve. They are also alleged to have referred to the First Lady and Minister of Karamoja Affairs Janet Museveni as a thief who had embezzled funds meant for post-war resettlement activities in Northern Uganda. Since its inception in 2006, the organization has also been working on a campaign against unlawful land evictions in the Tooro region and advocating for reforms in Tooro Kingdom.


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