Hockey Association to sue over pitch damage

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In short
Newly wedded Mugagga Kamagu and Betty Nakitende will soon be summoned to court to answer for trespass and damage of the Hockey pitch after the Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) decided they will sue.

Uganda Hockey Association (UHA) has decided to sue the couple that damaged their field at Lugogo on October 1 during a wedding reception.
Since nobody wants to take responsibility on who gave out the field and yet we got a letter saying the State Minister for Sports would use the place on that date, we shall go to court so that the matter is handled there, UHA Chairman Dustan Nsubuga told URN.
A week ago, State Minister for Sports Charles Charles Bakkabulindi, denied allegations that his son used the hockey pitch for the reception, but added that he was merely invited like anybody else.
But the UHA members insist that the National Council of Sports (NCS) sent them a letter clearly stating that the pitch was to be used by Bakkabulindi. “We therefore want this matter cleared by court so that we are not seen to be incompetent managers who simply allow facilities to be destroyed,” said Nsubuga.
URN has learnt that the couple that held the wedding on the UHA astrotuff pitch (Mugagga Kamagu and Betty Nakitende, a gospel singer) is connected to somebody in NCS.

But Nsubuga insists that they don’t care what relationship the couple has with anyone at NCS, but they will be tasked to tell court who gave them this permission and who they paid money if any to use out facility which we are supposed to be managing.
“We are going to sue for trespass and seek damages for our pitch,” said Nsubuga who added that they are trying to take the game of Hockey to the next level and this cannot be possible when there are spoilers along the way.
The modern astotuff surface cost US$200,000 to put up five years ago with US$100,000 coming from the International Hockey Federation (IHF), US$30,000 from the Uganda Olympic Committee (UOC) and the balance of US$70,000 coming from UHA and it’s development partners.