Uganda Cranes, Time to Build A National Squad; Csaba

837 Views Kampala, Uganda
Uganda Crane's dream to qualify for the 2008 African cup of nations ended last night. But for Cranes coach Laslo Csaba, lessons have been learnt at the Federation of Uganda Foot (FUFA). Csaba says absence of a National team leaves Uganda with a group of described as Ad-hoc players but not a team. The coach wants FUFA to establish and sponsor the national team with a locally based squad. Csaba's regrets time spent on trivial things matters which has left Uganda without a strong youth football foundation. He says the cranes had a chance to qualify for Ghana but lacked committed players. Cue in: \iI am not so old# Cue out: #.this is stupidi// Csaba wants FUFA to start sponsoring youth leagues from where cranes will be picking players for the National team. He says FUFA must construct a stadium for the National team which contributes to the organization and motivation of the players. The Cranes is a composition of players who only join it when there is a major game which makes coaching and control difficult for both coach and players. Csaba wants a local team which he has control over and can be called upon for any game. He says that currently his team is disorganized because he doesn't even know what most of them are capable of doing.