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Violations in S. Sudan Amount to Crimes against Humanity-Report
Comments 570 Views Kampala, Uganda

The report documents evidence implicating the SPLA in intentionally killing unarmed and fleeing civilians. It shows that People who tried to defend themselves or their families had their eyes gouged out, their throats slit or were castrated. Victims were also forced to engage in unspeakable acts and some, including children were compelled to rape their family members.

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  • Police Rescues Kidnapped Twins
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    Edward Kyaligonza, the Savannah Region Police Commander, says after kidnapping the minors, Ayesiga transported them and checked in at Masindi Guest House before he called up their parents demanding for a ransom of Shillings 13 million.

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  • Refugee Scandal: A Bitter Fight Over Control of Register and Resources
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    The scandal surrounding abuse of funds for refugees may appear a straightforward case of corruption but beneath it is a bitter fight for the control of the registration of refugees and the opportunities that come with it. Early this year, it emerged that the refugees number estimated to be over 1.4 million might have been inflated and exaggerated by crooked officials in the Department of Refugees DoR in collusion with humanitarian agency officials.

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