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  • HIV: Partner Notification Service Slow in Luweero
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    At Luweero Health Centre IV, only 42 out of 184 people who tested positive in the past three months consented to have their partners notified by health workers. Statistics further indicate that 16 out of 42 were male and 26 were female. Grace Namubiru, the Partner Notification Service Focal Person at Luweero Health Centre IV, explains that women were, especially, unwilling to disclose partners for fear of violence at home whereas men were just uncomfortable with it.

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  • Research Maps Ebola, Marburg Hotspots in Uganda
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    The research was based on environmental variables to identify the places where Ebola and Marburg outbreaks can easily occur. Previously, Dr Nyakarahuka says, Ebola occurred in tropical areas which receive high rainfall, forested areas, where there are many trees for bats to feed on and areas with ambient temperature for Ebola and Marburg viruses.

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